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Examples of Work Undertaken:

Translation da > en:

  • Web site of Danish Immigration Museum - English language version;
  • Welcome speech by HRH Prince Joachim to EU-financed conference;
  • Annual report and various management documents for a Danish International NGO;
  • 40 technical documents (Cisco/electronics test procedures);
  • Technical specifications for Biomass Plant (Hillerød Forsyning);
  • Modified (K02) standard contract for long term IT project (Region Sjælland).
Translation en > da:
  • Nokia (Denmark) website texts;
  • Language testing of Danish localised version of software application;
  • Technical Instruction Manuals:
    - General Safety Instructions;
    - Scanner, Undercut Swing Saw, Vacuum Lifting Device, Air Purifying Respirator, etc.
Translation fr > da:
  • Report of Scientific Workshop on Fish Meal and Fish Oil in Mauritania;
  • Law Texts on Foreign Investments in Mauritania.

Translation fr > en:

  •  Law and contract texts, etc. on fishery in Mauritania.
  • Report of Feasibility Study on Telecommunications in Comoro Islands (fr);
  • Report of Feasibility Study on Telecommunications in Eritrea (en);
  • Report of Diagnostic Study on Information and Communications Technology
    at Indian Ocean Commission headquarters, Mauritius;
  • Tender Dossiers and Tender Evaluation Reports (various projects) (da, en and fr).
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